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Specialized Services & Marketing Consulting


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Some marketing initiatives involve unique applications of our Market Research or Sales Support skill sets, and sometimes are best addressed either as a short term consulting assignment or a longer term initiative (e.g. 6 months or a year).  In still other situations, clients such as growth companies and innovation teams find value in specialized groupings of services that are multi-disciplinary and holistic in scope, or that address highly-customized innovation needs.

 We address these needs with our Specialized Services & Marketing Consulting practice, which serves many different types of clients:  strategic planning and customer insight groups … product innovation teams and entrepreneurs … business leaders at major corporate and mid-sized growth companies … and, marketing agencies and strategic marketing consultants.


arrow  Our Specialized Services / Marketing Consulting Approach

These projects typically begin as an exploratory discussion where our client outlines a business opportunity or challenge that needs to be addressed.  These opportunity areas can be either strategic or tactical:

  • Strategic planning tools, such as macroeconomic dashboards, competitive intelligence, emerging market trend assessments, and customer data mining
  • Pilot programs for new business development, such as inside sales / telesales initiatives and fallen-away customer reactivation
  • Highly targeted content for national sales meetings, users conferences, dealer councils, and newsletter series
  • User experience improvement, such as on-going usability or customer insight research, and follow-up consulting related to improvement initiatives

Based on this introductory session, we’ll recommend next steps, propose a project methodology, and estimate costs. If additional study is required, we’ll suggest a phased project plan.  For certain projects, we’ll assemble specialized project teams of Senior Consultants. In short, we use a highly-customized approach to address highly-unique business needs.

Examples of our Specialized Services & Marketing Consulting work include:

arrow  Specialized Market Research Initiatives  

  • Market Intelligence Initiative for Major Lithium Battery Integrator
    • NPS tracking (multi-year) and related business process initiatives
    • Secondary research projects and macroeconomic dashboards
    • Product innovation research support
  • Web Research Initiative for Major Gift Card Marketer
    • Key market studies to provide user conference content
    • New gift card display research to support major retailer client
    • Messaging studies with hard-to-reach niche audiences

arrow Specialized Sales Support Initiatives

  • Dormant Account Reactivation Program (6 month pilot) for Major Test Equipment Rental Company
    • Outbound B2B telemarketing to over 6K dormant accounts
    • Pre and post customer data analysis to measure results
    • Documented incremental sales increase of $19.5M
  • Inside Sales Pilot Program for Major Commercial Flooring Company
    • Two-phased program to evaluate 2 key market segments
    • Multi-channel tactics involved outbound calling, email, and direct mail
    • Sales training, database analysis, and internal migration recommendation components

arrow  Entrepreneurial / Growth Companies and Innovation Team Initiatives

  • Market Sizing Research for Holistic Health & Wellness Company
    • Customer data mining and Nielsen PRIZM analysis
    • General population market sizing and product concept study
    • In-depth interview guide design
  • Product Usability Research for New Ag Portal Offering
    • Supported innovation team for major Ag software company
    • Focus groups, in-depth interviews, and quantitative surveys
    • Additional consulting work to evaluate grower recordkeeping habits