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 B2B Lead Generation & Sales Support


b2b lead generation

There are numerous situations where outside B2B lead generation support can be beneficial:  to develop an untapped base of prospects in a new market … to boost participation of qualified attendees in marketing events, seminars, and promotional campaigns … to provide leads for channel partners such as distributors, dealers, or franchisees … and other marketing projects requiring experienced B2B sales support with seasoned project management.  Plexus Marketing Group provides a range of B2B Lead Generation & Sales Support services, which we customize to your specific support needs.  Our goal is to deliver you more qualified sales leads, boost your marketing campaign results, and turn your best prospects into marketing event participants.


arrow  Our Lead Generation Approach

We begin by developing a customized application that fits our client’s specific lead generation needs.  Our aim is to (a) uncover rich and actionable qualitative data related to decision maker needs and pain points, and (b) generate decision maker interest in further follow-up by our client’s company – both through presentation of compelling product/service benefit messages and by addressing questions (and objections) about the offering.

To better reach targeted decision makers and influencers – and to engage them in meaningful dialogue with our team of B2B callers – we provide custom program design and creative call guide development as part of our proprietary 8 Step Process-Driven Operational Approach. Combined with our team of seasoned project managers and B2B sales support reps, this process-driven approach helps ensure effective project implementation, optimal call productivity, and better program results.

Our B2B Lead Generation & Sales Support practice includes 3 key types of sales support service:

arrow B2B Sales Lead Generation

We offer several types of lead generation programs (all of which also include follow-up email support):

  • Full sales lead generation and appointment setting programs
  • Lead qualification (for web and tradeshow leads) and prospect profiling
  • Integrated marketing campaign follow-up and support
  • Upselling and cross-selling programs
  • Competitive switcher, turnover order and channel support programs

arrow Event/Seminar Recruiting

We offer several types of event recruiting and support:

  • Full event recruiting programs (with customized calling database building)
  • Event and seminar/webinar recruiting telemarketing
  • Pre and post tradeshow support calling

arrow Other Sales Support Services

We also provide other types of B2B support for in-house marketing and sales teams:

  • Custom database building & enhancement
  • On-going lead nurturing & lead development services
  • Customer retention & reactivation programs
  • B2B telemarketing consulting and inside sales program support